Accounting Software for South African Businesses

Easy to use, affordable accounting software for sole traders, start-ups and small businesses.

Our range of accounting software is designed to meet the needs of any size business. Choose from a range of desktop or online accounting solutions that allow you to invoice customers, analyse business performance and manage VAT, stock, budgets and more.

Here are just a handful of the great features our accounting software has to offer:

  • Manage income and expenses
  • Choose from desktop or cloud based solutions
  • Invoice customers with professional, customisable invoices
  • Accurately reconcile your bank statements with your accounts
  • Automatically calculate and submit VAT returns

Completing a Sage Pastel course benefit you

When registering for a Sage Pastel course with us you are making a decision to equip yourself for a brighter future.

Proper training is without exception always an investment into your future that will produce a return.

After completing a Sage Pastel Course there are a number of ways in which you can generate or increase your income.

Finding a job

Sage Pastel Partner is one of the most widely used accounting packages in South Africa and therefore many jobs require Pastel.

People often contact us wanting to apply for a position that requires Pastel and consequently need to complete a Pastel course as a matter of urgency.

Don’t wait, give yourself a competitive advantage by being proactive and completing the course now, when your perfect job becomes available and exciting opportunities arise you are ready and already have the necessary qualifications.

Starting your own Bookkeeping Practice

Have you ever thought about starting your own bookkeeping business?

Once you’ve completed the PRACTITIONER COURSE you can use your skills to offer bookkeeping services and to start your own bookkeeping / accounting practice.

SAGE PASTEL PARTNER (or XPRESS which is the “little brother” of Sage Pastel Partner) is more widely used than any other accounting software by bookkeeping and accounting firms to do the bookkeeping for their clients.

Every business needs a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping services will always be in high demand because every business needs to keep record of their financial transactions in line with recognised accounting standards.

It’s a basic requirement for every business to be able to submit tax returns to SARS, prepare financial statements for Creditors or Shareholders and comply with the applicable laws of the land.

Many smaller businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time bookkeeper, instead they would rather hire a bookkeeper on a part time or outsourced basis. This is your opportunity!

You can offer them a bookkeeping service for a monthly fee. This can involve preparing invoices, preparing customer statements, doing bank recons, reconciling customer and supplier accounts, etc. All of which are covered in the SAGE PASTEL PARTNER PRACTITIONER COURSE.

You can start this part-time

What makes starting your own bookkeeping business really great is that you can start by doing it part time.

Students can do this as a source of income while studying or even to help pay for fulltime studies by working after class and on weekends. By the time your studies is complete you can have a very successful and profitable business already!

Many people employed in the corporate environment dream of starting their own businesses. Very few people actually follow their dream because it’s just too risky to give up their fixed income. Once again you can start part time, after working hours and over weekends, and only when you earn enough from your part time bookkeeping business to sustain you, you can resign from your corporate job without losing your financial security.

Low Startup Costs

You don’t need a big startup capital because you have very little expenses.

You basically need a computer and you are good to go! Once you’ve completed your training course and know how to use the software you only need to pay the annual license fee for your Sage Pastel Software and you are in business!

How to get started

Firstly, you need to get certified on the use of the software by completing the SAGE PASTEL PRACTITIONER TRAINING COURSE.

Remember you can do this by either completing the five-day (30 hours) PRACTITIONER course OR by completing first the INTERMEDIATE course followed by the ADVANCED course, depending on which option suit you best.

Intermediate Course + Advanced Course = Practitioner Course

Secondly, after completing your training course, you need to buy and register the software. TAKE NOTE that you don’t need to buy your own software in order to complete the course because you will receive the educational version of the software to use when doing the course.

Thirdly, get started and earn big!