Processing to Last Year is usually done when doing Take-On Balances or when processing year end journals after the Year-End audit has been done.

It must be noted that no documents can be processed to Last Year, only journal or cashbook entries can be processed to last year.


Only users that have access to Multi Period processing will be able to process to Last Year.  This can be checked by going to Setup… Users… Passwords and then you select Users.

On the access options for the user, click on Process Options for the user as shown below.

Select the option Multi-Period Processing s shown below.

To process in Last Year please follow the steps below:

  1. On the Process Journals or Process Cashbook screen, click on the button Settings.
  2. Deselect the option ‘This Year Transactions’ and close the settings screen.
  • You will notice at the bottom of the screen ‘Last Year’ displays in red as shown below.

You can now select previous year’s periods when processing.


  • If you made use of a ‘Copy Company’ to process your Year End, when posting Year End Adjustments, you must capture and process the batch twice.  Once in your new company, and once in your pre-year-end company.
  • Only the use of one financial year at a time is permitted in a batch.  Thus, first finish processing in the Previous Year, update and then you can process in This Year.
  • The option to process to Last Year will automatically switch off once the batch has been updated.  If you need to post to Last Year again, you will need to select the option again.
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