To ensure that your data is accurate and corruption free, it is essential that you run regular data integrity checks on your data.  You can set the data integrity check to run overnight as to minimalize down time for your users.

The Data Integrity function can analyse your data and correct errors in it.

The Data Integrity function performs detailed checks to ensure that all records are readable and that your system is in balance.  If the system is not in balance, the system can put it into balance and print an audit trail of the corrections it has made.

Warning!  The system cannot always recover your data properly.  A serious corruption can cause you to lose significant amounts of data permanently.  Therefore, do not neglect to do backups on a regular basis.  In addition, if you have experienced a power interruption you should NEVER backup over an older backup set.

Running Data Integrity

  • Ensure that you have a backup of your data.
  • Once a backup is made, go to File… Data Integrity.
  • Click Next on the Backup screen.  If you have not made a backup yet, you can make a backup from this screen by clicking the Backup button.
  • On the Begin Processing screen, select the option Verify the Data Only, and click Next.
  • This will start the integrity check.
  • Depending on the size of your data, this process may take a few minutes or a good couple of hours to finish.
  • If no errors re detected, the system will display the Integrity Complete screen, indicating no errors were detected in your data.
  • If the integrity check picks up any issues with the data, it will provide a report for you to print out.

What to do if there are errors

If the integrity assistant picks up any errors, it is best to contact your Sage Pastel support team, as it may be required to do a comprehensive data fix.

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