Pastel Partner has been tested using the following mail clients:

  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and upwards

To send invoices to your customers via email, you first need to check if your customer has a valid email address setup as well as the correct document printing options have been selected.

To check this

  • In Pastel Partner, go to Edit… Customer… Accounts
  • On the Edit screen make sure that you have a valid email address entered in the Email Address Field
  • If not, enter an email address for your customer and click on the Processing tab.
  • On the Processing tab, make sure that you have selected either Email Document or Print and Email Document.
  • Once you have completed this, click on the Save icon at the top of the Edit screen to save your changes.

Processing and Emailing Invoices

  • When processing invoices, as soon as you click Next Invoice, the Print/Email screen will pop-up.
  • If you have setup your customer details correct you should see Email Document selected on the screen as well as the customer’s email address entered in the Email settings section of the screen.
  • Click OK to Email the document.
  • Depending on the Email program you are using, you may receive a warning message informing you that a program is trying to send an email on your behalf.  This is normal behaviour for email applications.  To ensure that your mail is being sent you should allow the mail to go through.  Depending on the mail client being used, you may need to click OK, Allow or Yes or something similar.
  • If you do not allow the mail to go through, Pastel will inform you that sending of the mail has failed and you will need to resend the document.

Troubleshooting Emailing:

Check that the correct Email program is set as the default mail program

  • Open Internet Explorer. (No internet access needed for this)
  • Click Tools… Internet Options
  • Click the Programs tab at the top of the Internet Options screen
  • Click the Set Programs button if you are running Windows 7
  • Click Set your default programs
  • Under the Programs column look for your mail client.  Left click on the program name once you have found it
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, select Set this program as default. Just above this, you should see a message: This program has all its defaults.
  • If you see this message click OK
  • Back on the Internet Options screen, click OK and close your browser
  • Close and reopen Pastel Partner before trying to send your mail again
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