Users doing certain repetitive tasks may benefit from using the abbreviations feature in Pastel Partner.  If you are a user that process a lot of customer receipts via the Cashbook, you can use an abbreviation to make entering transaction descriptions easier.

From the cashbook, as soon as you land on the Description column, you should see the “zoom” button, indicated as a magnifying glass.

Click on this button to display the Abbreviations screen.

As you can see from the above screenshot that was taken from a Demonstration company, to create an abbreviation, you simply need to enter the Abbreviation to use in the Abbreviation column.  In the Description column enter the Description that must appear in your Cashbook.

Once you have created your own abbreviations and descriptions, simply click the Save button.

You can, also from this screen, print a list of your abbreviations to keep by your side for reference purposes.

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