If you are viewing a worksheet in Microsoft Excel that you’re not familiar with, you might need to have a look at where formulas have been used and what formulas were used.

Instead of clicking cell by cell to view what displays in each cell’s formula bar – which can become a little tedious in a big spreadsheet – a better way would be to see all the formulas displayed in the cells.

  • On the Formulas tab of the Ribbon, click Show Formulas in the Formula Auditing Group.
  • Keystroke Shortcut: Ctrl + ` (accent grave)

The ` (accent grave) is just below the ~ (tilde sign) on the same key.  On most keyboards this is in the upper left-hand corner.  Just below the Esc-key and to the left of the number 1.

  • Toggle between Normal view and Formulas view by pressing Ctrl + ` repeatedly.

The ‘Show Formulas’ view will double the width of all columns as it exposes all formulas.  It also left aligns all of the data.

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