The Note facility lets you create multiple note records that you attach to master file records. 

  • You can attach a note to a record as a reminder.
  • You can write mail-merge letters for customers and suppliers.
  • You can link a note to an external document such as a word processor spreadsheet, or graphic.
  • You can create miscellaneous notes that you do not attach to any record but instead use it ‘To Do’ lists, reminders, or scratch pads.
  • You can specify entry and action dates on notes, and you can specify whether the note is open or closed.
  • You can print a Notes report to view notes by their status and due date.


  • Select Edit… Customers… Accounts
  • Go to the Notes Tab
  • To create a new note, right-click anywhere on the table
  • Enter Subject
  • Enter Entry and Action Dates
  • Ensure Status is ‘Open’
  • Type in message on the righthand side of the screen
  • Save

Once you have entered all the required information, and saved the Note you will be returned to the Notes tab.  The note you created is now listed on the notes screen.

You can view any notes on this screen by double clicking on the note.

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