For most proficient excel users adjusting column widths doesn’t even involve using commands, usually it’s just a simple double click or a drag. 

If you for instance want to increase the column-width for column D because the content doesn’t fit properly, you would simply double click the boundary between column D and E, easy and fast! You can also drag the boundary to make the column wider, but double clicking is better because it automatically adjusts it to handle the widest entry in the column.

Sometimes in a worksheet we find that some columns are too narrow to display the contents and other columns are too wide, wasting a lot of blank space, and furthermore we might even have some hidden columns.

To quickly adjust all of these columns at once by clicking in the upper left corner and then double clicking a column boundary between any column letters, doesn’t matter which one you choose, this will automatically readjust all columns and in the process reveal any hidden columns, which is very helpful with very large spreadsheets using many columns with a lot of hidden columns, in this way you can bring them all back at the same time, and in the process make every column exactly the width you need to see all the information that’s in it.  You can do the same with rows.

So, you can easily throughout the entire worksheet adjust column widths and or row heights as necessary.

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