If you have multiple users processing in Pastel Partner it is a good idea to limit the users who have access to process to previous or future periods, since this will help prevent users from mistakenly processing to the wrong period and more importantly, it will prevent users from processing to past periods (or months, if you prefer) that has already been reconciled.

  • Go to Setup… Users… user Groups
  • Select the User group your user(s) belong to.  Please note:  You cannot make any changes to the Supervisor and View Only user groups.
  • Click on the Process Options button for the group selected.
  • On the Process Options screen, deselect Multi Period Processing from the General Ledger section.
  • Click on the OK button to save your changes.

Users belonging to this group will not be able to select any period other than the current period when processing.

At the start of a new month a Supervisor user will need to do a Period Increment by going to Change… Period Increment.

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