Often when initially setting up companies the account code system is not designed properly, requiring changes later on.

Using the Renumber Codes Assistant, you are able to renumber various codes.

It is essential to make a backup before going through this process.

From the menu bar, select Change… Renumber Codes.

The following screen will display:

  • Once you have selected the group of codes that you want to renumber, click on the Next button and you will now be able to enter new codes.
  • In the left column, you can zoom for or enter the existing code.  The centre column will automatically populate with the description of the code you have selected.  In the column on the right, you will enter the new code.
  • You can repeat this process for any or all customers you want to renumber as you are able to renumber many codes in this screen simultaneously.
  • To delete a record, select it click the Delete Line button, or press +D.
  • Clink on the Next button to continue.
  • Click Process to confirm that you want to renumber codes.


  • General ledger accounts can’t be renumbered.
  • The renumber operation affects all transactions and invoice history.  Therefore, if you reprint invoices after renumbering, codes will not be the same as on the original invoices.
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