After the year-end audit and adjustments have been done your auditors will now be ready to generate your financial statements.

In order for the accountant or auditor to produce these reports, they will need a full set of your company data to be sent to them.  Sage Pastel Partner has an Assistant to help you send a full backup of your data to your accountant via email.

  • Select File… Send and Receive Accounting Data
  • On the Choose a Function screen, select the option Send full backup of the company data
  • Select the radio button, Email to Accountant
  • Select Next
  • On the Email settings screen, enter the Email address you want to send the mail to.  You can also specify a subject, and a message to your accountant in the Body Text space provided.
  • Select Next
  • Click on Process to send the file to your Accountant.
  • Once the operation has completed click on Finish.


Companies with lots of data will result in larger backups created.  Some Internet Service Providers may have a limit on the size of a mail that could be sent.  Companies you send mails to might also have a limit on the size of the mail received on their end.  In both these cases, it could mean that your email may be rejected.  If you are not sure, please contact your ISP or network technician.

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