Sometimes items are bought from a Supplier, but additional costs were incurred to purchase the item, these can be import duties, shipping charges, delivery charges, storage etc.

The Additional Cost Invoices will have to be processed to ensure these extra costs are added to the average cost of the items bought from the original Supplier.

To process additional cost invoices

  • Process the original Supplier Invoice as normal and update it.  This will update the average cost of the items you’ve purchased.
  • When receiving an invoice for any additional charges, a Supplier Invoice will have to be processed.  This will be a different Supplier.
  • In the Process Supplier screen, on a supplier invoice, select the correct supplier’s account and select the Additional Costs check box at the top left side of the screen.
  • Enter the supplier invoice number, and tab to the lines section of the invoice.
  • When in the lines, click on the Link / Create button to link to another supplier invoice.
  • The Supplier Invoice Zoom screen opens and you are now able to link to any updated supplier invoice.
  • Select the Invoice you want to link the additional cost to, and link all of the lines.  If you only want to add additional cost to one or two items on the invoice, you would link only those lines.

Inventory quantities will not be affected, the Quantity column will be disabled.

To see that the additional cost has been posted, print the history report for the inventory items and locate the cost that you’ve posted.

Important!  The additional cost becomes part of the total cost of the inventory items.  It is not allocated to individual items, but to all of the items in stock.

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